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Everyday Ways to Spend Less and Minimize Debt

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.” -Thomas Jefferson

Figuring out how to reduce what you spend in order to minimize debt can be overwhelming. The easiest way to start is by making a list of all your expenses. Once you have completed the list, take a good look at it. Are there certain expenses you can cut back on? For example, are you spending too much money on lunch every day? If so, try bringing your lunch to work.  Having all your expenses laid out in front of you allows you to see the big picture of how much you are spending and pinpoint areas where you might be able to spend less and save more.

Check out these everyday ideas on how to spend less and help decrease debt:

Reduce your monthly bills.

Look at how much you are spending on your monthly bills (car insurance, wireless, cable, etc.) and then shop around to see if you can find cheaper plans and rates that will help to bring down your payments.

Get rid of stuff you don’t use.

Let’s face it. You are never going to wear those clothes that have been sitting in your closet for 10 years. Or use the gym equipment that has been collecting dust in your basement. Why not sell it? Not only will you make money you can put towards debts, you will be decluttering and cleaning your home in the process.

Make a grocery list.

Without a list, it’s so easy to get sidetracked in the supermarket. Especially in the ice cream aisle! If you make a list of what you need before going to the supermarket you are more likely to stick to buying only what you need instead of throwing extra items in your cart.

Give yourself a night out.

You work hard, so you deserve a night out to enjoy yourself. But going out can add up fast. Pick a day during the week to go out dinner, catch a movie, meet up with friends, etc. The rest of the days try cooking at home, having a game night, renting a movie or inviting friends over.

Put your gym membership on hold.

Why walk indoors on a treadmill when you can walk outside and enjoy the sunshine? As the weather gets warmer think, about putting your gym membership on hold. Exercising outside and being in nature is great for your body, mind and soul.

Unsubscribe to email deals and coupon alerts.

Are you easily tempted by the daily deals and coupon alerts that pop up in your inbox? If so, think about unsubscribing to them. If you don’t see them in your inbox you won’t be tempted to shop.

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