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09.30.2015 /

Forks Up: #PRMeetsNYC Begins Today!

Popular Community Bank is the Official Event Sponsor of Puerto Rico Meets New York City! 


Fresh red snapper, chicharrones, peas and vinaigrette by Chef Xavier Pacheco of LaJaquita Baya

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Puerto Rico to indulge in authentic cuisine made by the island’s top chefs? Well, you’re in luck! Meets NYC is bringing those chefs to you! #PRMNYC will feature innovative Puerto Rican cuisine and exciting pairings across 12-events throughout the city, so please review the schedule of events and visit to make sure you and your guests have a seat at the table.

Schedule for PRMNYC 2015

Reminder: You must purchase tickets prior to attending each event because they will not be sold at the venues.


A stunning fried cinnamon-scented guinea hen by Chef Pedro Alvarez and Chef Joe Johnson of The Cecil Harlem.

Meets NYC was created to showcase global culinary legacies through the pairing of chefs, wine, and spirits events in NYC. We support their mission and we’re proud to be the Official Event Sponsor of Puerto Rico Meets New York City.

Images Courtesy of MeetsNYC on Instagram

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