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11.21.2016 /

Black Friday the Right Way

You’ve worked hard all year to keep the bills at bay and save what you could. Now the holidays are approaching and you don’t want to blow all your saved money on holiday gifts. And that’s where Black Friday and Cyber Monday come in.

The holidays don’t have to be a time to burn through your budget for the year. With a little research and a lot of comparison shopping, there are great deals available waiting to be found.

It’s time for Thanksgiving, and that means food, football, giving thanks, and getting your wallets and running shoes out because it’s time to hit the mall for Black Friday. While shopping on Black Friday is no picnic, doing the bulk of your holiday shopping when retailers are offering deep discounts can really help you stretch your dollar. Plus, the first Monday after Black Friday is Cyber Monday—the Internet’s version of the biggest shopping day of the year. So, if you’re not inclined to wake up at the crack of dawn and fight your way through crowds, Cyber Monday may be for you.

For those of you willing to brave the crowds, we’re giving you some tips to help you make it through the day in one piece:

Rest up.

Start by getting enough sleep the night before. You’re going to be tired anyway from the turkey, so rest up. Whether you’re getting up super early to stand on lines or are waiting until later in the day, you’re going to need all the energy you can get.

Safety first.

Be careful in those parking lots, remember where you left your car and be sure to lock your car. You can count on the parking lot to be just as overcrowded as the stores themselves. Drive slowly and be alert. Did you know that a quarter of parking lot accidents occur while backing out of spots? Be extra cautious when you’re leaving.

Plan ahead.

Have a list and a plan to shop. Make sure you know all the stores that are having the sales you want to hit and the items you want to get. Saving big is fantastic, but Black Friday is not the time to be window shopping and looking around

Let’s all get along.

Lastly, and perhaps the best advice we can give, is to be patient and nice to your fellow shoppers. Wouldn’t dealing with massive crowds be just a little bit better if we were all just a little sweeter to each other? It is the holiday season, after all.

Now, go get those deals, and take that extra money you saved and treat yourself to a savings account.

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