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12.12.2017 /

What You Need to Know: Florida’s new sprinkler mandate

If your condo building is 75 feet or taller and was built before 1994, you may be subject to a Florida law requiring buildings to be equipped (retrofitted) with fire safety sprinkler systems, or an approved engineered life safety system (ELSS), by the end of 20191.

Here are some fast facts, so you can be in the know:

Buildings affected Residential condominium buildings that are 75 feet or taller and were built before 1994.
Timeline Affected buildings must be compliant by December 31, 2019.
Exemptions The automatic sprinkler system is not required if:

  • the majority of all voting interests in the condominium vote to opt-out;
  • every dwelling unit has exterior exit access (i.e., a balcony, porch or roof) that conforms to Florida Fire Prevention Code 101: Chapter 7; or
  • the building has an engineered safety system approved in accordance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code 101: Chapter 31.

If you believe your building is exempt for any of these reasons, then consult with a qualified fire safety engineer, State Fire Marshall or other qualified individual for an official judgment.

Your association can avoid facing costly upfront special assessments to install fire safety equipment. A loan from Popular Association Banking2 may enable your association to continue running smoothly, while easing the financial impact on individual unit owners with a long-term fixed rate repayment plan.

Long-term potential benefits of retrofitting:

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Higher resale values
  • Most importantly, peace of mind

Come, discover how Popular Association Banking can help!



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