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Interview: What Moves You?

Every runner has a reason. We all have goals that inspire us to go the extra mile – and we want to celebrate yours.   Whether you’re training to achieve a new personal record,

Why Popular Private Client?

As your wealth grows, so does your need for expert financial guidance. It was this insight that led to the creation of Popular Private Client, Popular’s private banking and wealth management division. Popular Private Client,

Personal Loans or Stress-Reliever?

If you’re like many Americans, the holidays can be the most financially stressful time of year. Pushing your budget, and trying to figure out how to afford gifts, food and decor can be completely overwhelming. So,

Embracing Puerto Rico Sweepstakes: Official rules

Popular Community Bank Embracing Puerto Rico Sweepstakes Official Rules (“Official Rules”) This Sweepstakes is intended for participation within Florida and shall be governed by the laws of this state along with other laws of the United States,