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Future of Banking: Internet Security and Fraud Mitigation

When it comes to cybersecurity and the inherent risks associated with internet and mobile banking, the future is already here. The Association for Financial Professionals conducted its 2017 annual Payments Fraud and Control Survey and found payment fraud and data breaches are increasing.

Popular Bank Introduces Popular Trust Services

August 23, 2018 New York, NY and Miami, FL Popular Bank, one of the nation’s premier banks and the principal U.S. mainland operating subsidiary of Popular, Inc. (Nasdaq: BPOP), announced today the launch of Popular Trust Services.

Emergency Funds: Saving for a True Rainy Day

When unexpected repairs are needed or weather-related disasters strike a community, often associations are left trying to fund projects that require immediate attention. Associations, such as condominiums, homeowner associations and co-ops, require different loan options for these circumstances than individual homeowners.

Happiness Investments

In recent weeks, following the deaths of two cultural icons, the slippery correlation between money and happiness has re-emerged in public conversation. One frequently cited Princeton University study pins personal happiness and fulfillment to an annual income threshold.