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Forks Up: #PRMeetsNYC Begins Today!

Popular Community Bank is the Official Event Sponsor of Puerto Rico Meets New York City!  Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Puerto Rico to indulge in authentic cuisine made by the island’s top chefs?

Popular Community Bank to Open New Branch on Avenue U

We are pleased to announce that Popular Community Bank is bringing an innovative banking experience to Avenue U in Brooklyn! Our new technology based branch will reveal an attentive plan of our desire to improve how we deliver financial tools and interact with customers.  We are excited to introduce the design and innovation of our new retail environment which includes a digital concierge,

How to Recover Your Identity with Help from

The data breach of the IRS has affected more than 100,000 households. This alarming number has caused many Americans to raise questions about the safety of their most valuable possession, their identity. Your identity sealed with unique identifiers like a social security number and date of birth are essential to building a life in America,