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Money Management Starts With Your First Job

If you’ve just finished college and you’re starting your first job, you may be considering additional steps toward establishing your independence. For example, you might be thinking of renting an apartment or buying a car. But before you make decisions about how to spend your hard-earned money,

Options for Your College Grad’s Student Loan

If your newly graduated son or daughter is returning home from college, then you may be considering how best to get him/her started on a path toward independence. Offering guidance in finding a job and emphasizing the importance of saving money are among first steps in helping your adult child become self-reliant.

Protecting Yourself From Fraud (Part 1)

According to, an online resource for identity theft and fraud prevention, as many as 100 million Americans each year risk identity theft as a result of insecure government, corporate, and retail databases. In addition, an estimated 15 million people in the United States are victims of identity theft.1 Although federal and state laws as well as banks,

Enhanced Banking is Coming Your Way!

Popular Community Bank is revamping the customer experience in new ways to make banking easier for everyone. We will soon be launching our flagship branch at Madison Avenue in the heart of New York City. Popular Community Bank will continue to refresh and transform our retail spaces,

Giving Back is in Our DNA

Since 1893, giving back to the communities we serve has been deeply rooted in our values. This culture of service, of supporting those around us through direct engagement, positively impacts our communities.  To further this effort,

3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Income Tax Refund

As the holidays approach, piles of wrapping paper can turn into piles of receipts.  Try these 3, simple tips that may help increase your refund at tax time. Organize Your Receipts: Keeping track of your receipts year ’round is now easier than ever with NeatReceipts™.